What Are The Benefits Of Detoxing Your Body To lose Body Fat?

benefits of detoxing your body

Benefits of detoxing your body:

Modernity has brought about an exposure to toxins on a scale never before
seen in human history from the air we breathe, prescription drugs, over-thecounter
drugs, recreational drugs, anabolic steroids and notwithstanding
many of today’s processed and adulterated foods, many of which should
come with a health warning. The body protects itself from these toxins by
diluting them and storing them in water and fat. There are probably enough
toxins stored in a typical middle-aged person’s fat to kill him several times
over. When body fat is burned as energy, toxins that are stored in this fat reenter
the bloodstream to be dealt with by the liver. This process is accelerated
during an intense weight-loss regimen. Thus purging oneself of excess body
fat will also have the dire consequence of releasing stored toxins.
If the liver is overloaded with toxins, it can give rise to rashes, headaches,
nervous irritability, muscle aches, tiredness and a general feeling of nausea. If
drug residues reenter the bloodstream, the likely result is a bewildering set of
symptoms. Try to avoid remedying these symptoms with further drug taking,
otherwise more toxins are simply put back into the body to replace the old
In extreme cases a toxic overload can lead to a debilitating disease, such as
multiple sclerosis, or premature mortality. Furthermore, any radical change in
diet, such as the elimination of sugar, is likely to produce withdrawal
symptoms that are likely to take time to remedy themselves.
Therefore if you are planning a fat-loss regimen, it is always advisable to
begin this with a program of detoxification to help the liver cope with an
increased toxic load. Apart from eliminating unwanted side effects, a
program of detoxification should also help you speed up the process of losing
stubborn surplus fat.

Benefits Of Detoxing Your Body: The Benefits of Detoxification

benefits of detoxing your body


– Detoxification should make dieting easier.
– It will improve digestion by helping the liver function more effectively.
– It will lessen food intolerances that can lead to IBS or bloating.
– Chemical sensitivities and allergies are improved.
– The mental benefits include increased mental clarity and heightened
alertness, an increase in energy levels and better mood for those suffering
from mild depression.

Benefits Of Detoxing Your Body: Mechanisms for Dealing with Toxins

Detoxification is a means of cleansing the body of poisons that are
deleterious to every aspect of the body’s efficacy. Though the body has its
own mechanisms for handling toxins, these mechanisms simply cannot cope
with the toxic load modern living places upon the human organism.
The liver is the primary organ for dealing with toxins. Glutathione, which
is synthesized in the liver, is a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize
toxins and plays a key role in liver function.
Glutathione recycles other antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C,
which work synergistically. A diet high in antioxidants can therefore bolster
liver function and help with detoxification.

Benefits Of Detoxing Your Body: Gallstones

The remnants of toxins processed by the liver can form gallstones. A
gallstone can come in various sizes and can start out the size of a grain of
sand and grow to the size of a golf ball. Most are expelled naturally whilst
still small, but many may remain in the gallbladder and continue to grow. The
accumulation of gallstones can hinder liver function, and very large stones
may require surgery.
One of the few methods of helping to dislodge small gallstones is with the
use of a caffeine enema. The caffeine dilates the bile ducts and helps the liver
to release the body’s accumulated toxins. A caffeine enema also stimulates
the production of glutathione by up to 7 times. Coffee enemas, popularized
by the Gerson Institute, have been used successfully to treat cancer.

Benefits Of Detoxing Your Body: Caffeine Enema

A caffeine enema requires little preparation and can be completed in less than
half an hour. The caffeine enema has been popularized with the use of coffee,
though arguably anhydrous caffeine is much cheaper and purer, given that
coffee contains many toxins.
Use a two-quart enema bag, available from any drug store or ordered online.
Though pure, filtered water is recommended, regular drinking water
should suffice. Follow the instructions that come with the enema bag.
Add up to 400 mg of anhydrous caffeine to one and a half cups of warm
water. A typical cup of coffee contains only 100 mg of caffeine, so be careful
not to overdose. Do not underestimate the dangers associated with anhydrous
A teaspoon of Epsom salt may also added to the water or used in a
preliminary enema. Large amounts of Epsom salt can cause
hypermagnesemia and prove fatal. Do not exceed one teaspoon.
Lie down on your right side and try to retain the caffeine enema for
between 12 and 15 minutes. Do not force yourself to retain the enema if you
find it too uncomfortable.
Bile has a strong, distinctive smell, and your stools should have a bile-like
smell accordingly. If you start getting any other curious symptoms from
doing a caffeine enema, you may be re-absorbing toxins through the GI tract.
To prevent this, take a toxin binder, such as activated charcoal, the night
before on an empty stomach. You may also follow up the caffeine enema
with a pure water enema to ensure that the bowel is evacuated of any
remaining toxins and fecal matter.
You may use a caffeine enema daily for several weeks. Because regular
enemas can cause potassium depletion, a teaspoon of potassium bitartrate
(cream of tartar) may be added to your drinking water to compensate.

Benefits Of Detoxing Your Body: Epsom Salt and H2O2 Bath:

Epsom Salt

Any hot bath will help eliminate toxins by drawing them to the skin’s surface
to be expelled. To enhance this process, you can add to your bath a cup of
Epsom salt.
Soak in the bath until it is tepid. The Epsom salt is absorbed through the
skin and helps draw toxins out of the body; it also promotes circulation,
stimulates lymphatic drainage, relaxes aching muscles, neutralizes odors and
softens and exfoliates the skin.
To boost the immune system, you may also wish to add food-grade
hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to the bath. Food-grade H2O2 does not contain
the chemical additives of other hydrogen peroxide products.
The therapeutic water at Lourdes has a high level of naturally occurring
H2O2. For those that cannot afford a trip to this French spa, a cup of 35%
food-grade H2O2 can be added to a bath to soak in for about half an hour.
This way, hydrogen peroxide is absorbed relatively safely through the skin.
H2O2 is a naturally occurring compound that is found in rainwater, fresh
fruit, vegetables and colostrum, the first milk a mother produces, providing
defense against infection. Honey and vitamin C are precursors to hydrogen
peroxide when digested, giving them their curative powers. In the large
intestine, acidophilus lactobacillus (found in live yoghurt) is another
precursor to hydrogen peroxide, keeping at bay the harmful Candida yeast.
H2O2 is also known as oxygen water due to its composition of water
(H2O) and an extra oxygen molecule. It is this extra oxygen molecule that is
used by the body to oxidize and kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and even cancer
cells. To maximize the effect of the hydrogen peroxide, supplement with up
to 2000 mg of vitamin C prior to the bath.


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